Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning worship service Fire Chambers

Word #1

This gross darkness that is covering the land will not affect you as long as you stay in My everlasting arms. I do not want My children to be deceived. I do not want you to be distracted or to be pulled off course. This is the time and this is the season when you must be walking close to the fire.

You must not deviate in any area of your life from My Word. You must constantly be on the alert for the darkness that is creeping in upon the land. Do not allow it to affect you in any area of your life. I am the Almighty God and I fail you not. I have chosen you children to do a great and a mighty work for My Kingdom, but the enemy still has sway over you. The enemy is still trying to corrupt your mind with worldly things.

You must at all costs take your eyes off the things of this world and place them totally and completely in the Heavenly Realm.

Too much confusion going on in My Body. Too much jealousy, distraction. Too much flesh is still being shown. You must die out to yourself daily. You must not allow the cares of this world to take you down a side path. There are not side paths to those who truly follow a living God. There is one path and that path lies before your feet and it is narrow. But it will lead you to the Heavenly Kingdom if you keep your feet upon this path.

Yes, you are moving into a new era. You are moving into a new dispensation of time but the majority of My church is not geared up to follow My voice. You must follow My voice and not the distractions that are around about you. You must have peace and calm in the midst of every storm that is blowing all across this land.

I have not given you a false peace. I have given you My peace and My peace will keep you secure in My everlasting arms. This choice has always been yours. I will not go against your will. Choose you this day whom you will serve is what My Word states. What have you done with My Word and what have you chosen to do with My Word in the days ahead?

Take a stance little ones, take a stance and do not be moved.

My grace is so sufficient but for some of you, you have chosen the cares of this world instead of My grace. To those I say woe is you. Woe, woe, woe. My grace will carry you through the strongest storm. My grace will carry you through the diversities of this life. Walk in My grace, walk in My peace, and walk in My understanding of what is going on around about you.

The cares of this world will always be there little ones. Always. Always. They are not going to cease, but I have asked you over and over again do not pick up the cares of this world I’ve asked you to pick up My Word and follow Me. Many are falling into the pits of adversity. Many are choosing their lifestyle instead of choosing the path that I have placed before them. Do not be one of those, but stay secure in My arms and know that I go from everlasting to everlasting and that I will never fail you. This is a promise I have given you over and over and over again throughout your life. Will you grab hold of that promise this day and will you walk with it throughout eternity? My grace is sufficient and My grace will carry you through.

I’m just hearing God say there’s a great and mighty works in the works for those who will really trust Him this morning. Those who will really allow God to come in and refresh you, renew you, and rekindle that First Love, great and mighty works God wants to do. The word here this morning is trust. You have to trust that your Father knows what’s best for your life and you have to allow Him to move upon your life.

Word #2

…Noah’s ark. You’re out there on that big ark and you’re just waiting for Me to bring you to shore and free you up to do the things that God is calling you forth to do. God said when you’re on the ark you’re on a good place. And He said to be secure in Him and know that He is going to bring you to shore and that you are going to do the great and mighty works that He’s called you forth to do. There’s just not a question about it He said. If you feel like you are on the ark, your life is secure in Him.

I’m also hearing Him say you’re going to feed the animals once He brings you to shore. And what He’s meaning by that is you’re going to feed the lost and the dying and you’re going to bring them to a place of perfect peace and rest in Him.

Word #3

There are so many of you in here that you want God to speak to you but God says no you really don’t. Because you don’t want everybody to hear what God wants to say to you or needs to say to you. And He’s telling me to tell you this is a quiet time for you this is time for you to reflect upon your own self reflect upon your own self and where your heart’s at, where you walk’s at and just to trust Him. He is saying some of you have gotten off course because you’ve allowed pride to settle in and make you think that you are more than what you are. You are trying to overstep God. You are trying to get ahead of God. God wants you to be humble and He is bringing you forth and He has spoken words over your life but you’re being pushy and He doesn’t want you to be pushy. He just wants you to be led by the Spirit.

And God is also saying this is a dangerous time for some of you because you’re so anxious to do the things that God has called you to do that you’re placing yourself out there in the front and the enemy is going to pick you off. God said if He still has you in that secure place in Him then stay there and He will bring you forth at the right time.