Prophecies that occur during the Evening Worship service Heavenly Portals

Word #1

God is saying: Eye has not seen no ear heard what He is going to do with you who have come here tonight to receive this touch to be a portal. And God has to do certain things in your families to get things turned around so that He can use even your homes as portals once again.

Word #2

You have seen demonic portals and God wants you to get rid of those portals even as you lay our before Him. It’s pride. Pride brings those demonic portals in.

Word #3

God’s also telling Me that each one of you that He touched tonight, He’s inviting you to the marriage supper of The Lamb. Your place is already reserved and He just needs you to come and sit and dine with Him. You will dine continually with Him if you take this invitation from Him tonight. And He will feed you fresh manna from Heaven daily.

Word #4

I’m just hearing God say, ” Wherein lies the snare of the fowler? The snare of the fowler lies within a heart that is judgemental and prideful. You must release the pride and the judgemental spirit to Me. You must release all unto Me and become a light of honor for your Father.