Prophetic words given during the Sunday evening worship service Heaven Coming To Earth

Word #1

God says: Men who are in perversion cannot love a wife or anyone because they are too absorbed in their self which is total pride. So if you’re married to someone who is into perversion quit crying and wailing; and moaning and groaning about it just go ahead and stay in love with Jesus. Because unless they want to get rid of that pride and let God straighten them out, you’re not really going to have a husband.

Word #2

Come away My Beloved ones to the eternal Heavens. Come up higher with Me this night. Allow Me to reveal to you all of Heaven. I want to open up your spiritual eyes so you can see what I see and open up your spiritual ears so you can know what I know.

Children this is your hour now to shine, this is your hour to come forth in great victory. This is your hour to go forth and fight the battles and win. My Angelic Hosts has surely been sent to earth already and they are waiting to assist you in whatever battle that you have to endure. I tell you My little ones, I am that I am has you covered from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet and as you call on My Angelic Hosts, as you truly believe in this the angels will come to your rescue and you will not have to fight the battle just receive the spoils of war.

Word #3

Do you not understand that I have legions upon legions upon legions of angels at My disposal and I am just waiting to hear your cry for assistance on this earth.

Word #4

Now some of you will try to conjure up angels, but Children I say do not do that. Ask Me to allow you to see the angels and I will open up your eyes.

Word #5

You know there was a story that a man told, in fact he went around, and that was his ministry- he was a great evangelist. He did something he shouldn’t have done and he was driving in his truck down the road one day and all of a sudden this angel just appeared in his truck and he had this piece of cloth folded up in his hands. And the man asked him “What is that” and he said “That’s your mantle. You’ve lost your mantle and I’ve come to take it to give it to another”. So what he does now in his ministry, he goes around telling people “Please don’t lose your mantle. Please serve God with all your heart.” But he was just driving down the road and all of sudden this angel was sitting there beside him.

And I’m just hearing God say: As He can trust you to not get unnerved, you will find that you will have a passenger sitting beside you also that’s going to be keeping you safe.