Prophecies given the Sunday evening worship service Inconsistent

Word #1 through Rev. Christopher Gore

I am God! And this day, I have against you your sins! I am holding them against you Children because you refuse to move forward. You refuse to hear My voice. You refuse to do the things that I have asked you to do. How long? How long must I tarry with you? How long must I tarry with you, Children? I am tired. I am tired, I will pass you by in this hour if you do not rend your heart tonight. Rend your heart in this hour and give it completely to Me.

You keep trampling on My prophets, you keep trampling on My servants. I see you. I know what you are doing. I’m gonna pull your pants down in front of everybody. You better stop! You better stop- and you better stop now!

I will have holiness. Don’t bring me half an offering, don’t bring me half of yourself. I want all or nothing. It would be better if you would turn and walk away than to pretend to serve Me. It would be better for you to drop and leave My house now than to pretend. My Spirit is so grieved, it is so grieved in this hour because time after time after time, I speak, and I woo, and I love, and I caress, yet nothing. I get nothing from you. I get half hearted servitude, and My Spirit is grieved, He is so tired. When will you turn? When will you give Me your whole heart? I’m waiting, but I won’t wait much longer. I will leave you. I will move on. I have a works that has to be done. I have souls that have to be brought into this place.

Word #2 through Evangelist Barbara Lynch

You are living in religion. You don’t even walk in the Spirit, because if you walk in the Spirit, you know I am going to convict you of your sins.

Word #3 through Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Where are you heading tonight? Do you have a true walk with God or are you heading down the path of unrighteousness and darkness which will lead you right into the very throes of hell? You have to think about this very seriously tonight. If you noticed, God isn’t really prophesying to anybody anymore because He said I’m done. He said I speak and I speak and I speak, and they don’t listen: I’m done. I’m done talking. It’s time you do your job and it’s time that you turn from your wicked evil ways and you really serve God with all of your heart.

The altar is open tonight for true repentance. God called you earlier, but you didn’t come, but tonight the altar is open for true repentance. You really and truly want to serve God with all of your heart. You’re tired of the games that you are playing, and you are playing yourself right into hell, and you want to stop that charade and you want to turn from you wicked evil ways and you want to end one day seated in high places with Jesus Christ. And that’s what the altar is for tonight.

And God told people this morning if you don’t serve Him today, forget about it. Just forget about it, because He has other souls out there that need to be won for Christ.

One person in the family has to be living for Christ. That’s all it takes is one to turn the darkness into light in a home. That’s all it takes is just one person. Living totally and completely every second of every day for God and not compromising. And not walking in inconsistency but being consistent in everything that you do and say. You wonder why your ministry hasn’t started? Are you consistent? Are you doing everything that God has called you forth to do. And those of you sitting in here, you know God has called you to be a minister of the Gospel and you’re still lagging behind: Are you about ready to lose your mantle? God’s going to leave you and use someone else to do what you wouldn’t do. Because you were not moving when God told you to, souls are slipping into the abyss. It is time. Way past time.

Word #4 through Evangelist Barbara Lynch

It’s retribution time in the Body of Christ, and it’s to pay back for what you’ve done. God’s calling for retribution tonight. He wants you to ask God to forgive you for being disobedient to His call and His authority. You really don’t want to fall into the hands of an angry God. I promise you that.

Word #5 through Evangelist Barbara Lynch

God is saying He just wants to pour His Spirit out upon you tonight. He just wants to pour more of His Spirit into you tonight. So that you will have the boldness that you need to go forth and speak into the dark world. Let Him just pour that Spirit you right now. The spirit of boldness, tenacity.