Prophecies given during the Sunday morning worship serviceĀ Ready For Battle

Word #1

God rides through the heavens to help you. If we couldĀ  get that down into our spiritman, the devil would never ever win another battle. Because we would understand in it’s fullness that God is winning the battles for us. And I’m hearing God say:

“That’s why some of you become so battle weary because you still don’t understand that I am fighting your battles for you, and you’re still wearing yourself out fighting your own battles.”

Word #2

Aren’t you so tired of looking through your own eyes and just seeing what the devil wants you to see? And isn’t it time we start only seeing through spiritual eyes and only seeing what God wants us to see no matter what the circumstances are around about us? And God is saying:

“The ploy of the enemy in doing this is to pull you so completely off course that you will never trust God ever again. Too many are starting to believe the lies of the enemy instead of the truth that God is speaking to you. You are seeing yourself do things you know is not right and therefore the enemy’s making you believe that I’m not with you and that you’re changed.”

Do you not know that the enemy is always going to send an old habit back to you to discourage you, and he’ll do it in a moment when you are engrossed in something else and all of a sudden there it comes and before you gather yourself together, and there you did (it). And this is why God is saying we should continually walk in the Spirit therefore we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Word #3

What He wants to do this morning is to engraft you into the vine more securely than you were yesterday- that as you hang on the vine sometimes your troubles get heavy and start loosening you from the vine, in other words you start relying on your flesh instead of God and right now what God wants to do, is He wants to engraft you and fuse you more securely into that vine that you won’t drop off.