Let’s celebrate the freedom of America the Great.  America the land of the free and the home of the brave.  America that leads the nations into all truths.  America the beautiful, full of God’s Glory and Majesty.

Let’s not loose America to the darkness.  Let’s hold onto her with all that is within us.  She might be crippled right now, but she will be healed, and she will rise up once again to her proper place in My Majestic Glory.

I formed America and I know all of her weaknesses. I know where she has been, and I know where I am taking her.  She will not be destroyed as the darkness is predicting.  She shall stand tall and mighty – she will have some battle scars, but all in all she will be Great Once Again.

She has opened her borders to all who wanted in.  She has put up with disgrace by those she has helped.  She has kept My commandments and the darkness tried to pull her out of My Everlasting Arms, but that cannot happen.

I will uphold this beautiful land that I love.  This land called America the beautiful.  This land that has housed the down and outers; the rejected and the abused and asked nothing in return.

The prayers are coming up to My Throne Room continually and I promise you that I hear each and every prayer and I see each and every tear.  No darkness will keep America down!

Psalm 47:8 (ESV)
8 God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.