Prophetic words given during the Wednesday evening worship service Who is the Holy Spirit?

Word #1

“It’s time you get out of your messed up situations and it’s time you walk in the fullness of who you are supposed to be in Christ Jesus, and it’s time for you to quit playing little games, because those little games are going to take you into the dark abyss that you’re not going to be able to get out of.”

God is very harsh with this church because we are a forerunner church and we are the refuge in the storm. We are a church that God wants to send people into that needs ministered to with love and compassion through the Holy Spirit and He can’t do it if we’re not the temples that we’re supposed to be. Are you understanding why He’s so hard on us?

Word #2

You don’t yield yourself to the Holy Spirit, you don’t expect Him to intervene on your behalf, and God is saying:

“What are you going to do with the Holy Spirit? Are you going to let Him come and abide within you? Are you going to let Him use your vessel- a vessel of honor that He can work through, or are you going to continue down on this slippery slope of destruction that you’re on?