Prophetic word from the Sunday morning teaching Endurance

The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

What My people need in this day and hour is {endurance}.  It is going to take endurance to go forth and complete the assignments of the hour.  Many new things on the horizion.  Many things you never dreamed you would encounter.  Many and I mean many will stand in perfect awe of what they are about to encounter.

On the other hand, many will fall away and give into the wiles of the enemy, because they have never learned to {endure} in the {good times,} so therefore they cannot {endure in hard times.}

Children we are about to embark on one of the greatest adventures in church history – I know I have said this before, but I needed to say it again.  This new adventure will take you to the greatest heights of Heaven.  You shall learn to dwell in heavenly places and then go forth to complete the works that lie before you.

I have been doing an {extremely deep} works in you.  This works will take you forth to conquer on all sides and you shall not be hindered by anything the enemy sends your way.

Yes, the darkness has its agenda; but his agenda will not outshine Mine.  So many blessings stand before this generation.  Every blessing of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob stand before My Body of believers.  We are going forth not as wounded soldiers; but we are going forth with victory in our wings.

Children the wind is to your back and the wind is moving you forward at every turn.  You shall see victory after victory on the horizon and those victories will come to you in many forms.  Healings like you have never seen.  Miracle after miracle after miracle will come forth from My bride of victorious ones.  every desire of My heart for your life will be manifested before your very eyes.  Children you are stepping into the very essence of My Heavenly Kingdom.

The bride is adorned for her master and My bride shall shine in the midst of the darkest hours that are to come upon this earth.

My bride will be so in love with the Groom that she will go through the fire many times and not be concerned about the consequences.  She shall know what it is to abide under the Shadow of the Almighty and she shall see the Heavenly light upon her continually.  She shall know that no weapon formed against her shall prosper because {her Maker} is also {her Provider.}

Children I am laughing in the Heavenlies for I see what you cannot see and I am already celebrating this great and glorious day that you are entering into.  All of Heaven has been rejoicing waiting for this day to come upon the church and now it has arrived.

Laughing the Laugh of Faith

What of those problems and situations that seem to loom so large over your life?  Open your mouth and laugh.  Laugh the laugh of faith.  I am seated in the heavens and I laugh, and you are seated in Me in Christ, so let My laugh in the heavens be heard on the earth and even in your circumstance.

I have seen you in your troubles, and I am come down, melting the earth and causing the mountains to tremble as I bring you out of the waters of adversity – even this day – and set you on the high places of the earth.  This is your portion,” says God, “and your righteousness is of Me.

I am laughing the laugh of faith!

The heavens are open over you and what ever you ask you shall receive.

You know children instead of asking for your own selfish needs, why do you not ask for souls?  You are here to win those lost and dying souls that are wondering even in the very corridors of hell.  Does not My Word tell you to pull them out of the fire?

Children as you read My Word, nowhere do you find My disciples ask for things to heap upon their heads, they were always asking for blessings to be poured out upon the church.

I answered those prayers and I so desire for you to learn to seek blessings for others and My Word tells you that I will take care of all of your needs.

Children do you see how far away from My Word the church has strayed?

Do you see why there is so much confusion in the House of the Lord?

Do you see why there is so many lost souls going into the abyss every day?

Do you truly see that I brought you here to earth not to heap riches upon yourselves, but to seek My grace for the lost and dying.

You are teaching repentance; but are you ready to feed the lost the true unadulterated Word?

Why do you stop and ponder My Word at every turn?  Why do you not just take it by faith and go forth revived by My Word and bring in the harvest?

Church come back to the truth of My Word and know exactly what it is saying and carry this truth to the lost and dying.