Prophetic word given during the Sunday evening teaching Peace

This is the season of dire straits and I am speaking to you this day to let you know that you have to stay close to the fire. You have to hold My hand for the enemy surely is on the prowl and he is surely trying to take you out and take you under.

Some of you are going to heed the warning this night and some won’t. But I say unto you look up! Look up! For your redemption does draweth nigh, and a great and mighty battle is going on in the heavenlies over you. The atmosphere is full of war but I tell you as you take My hand and walk with Me I the Lord your God, I will keep you safe. I will be with you wherever you go. I will lead guide and direct you in the right path. Take My hand tonight very securely and don’t let go. The storms are going to be furious they are gonna be rough and sometimes you’re gonna think they’re gonna blow you off of your feet. But they won’t, they cannot touch you as long as you stand close to the fire. Tonight, I’m calling you to get closer to Me than ever before. I’m calling you to look up into My eyes. I’m calling you to hold tight to My everlasting arms and be safe and secure in Me.