All of those who are coming against My son President Donald J Trump are in for a very rude awakening.  They are going to see the error of their ways and they are going to see without a shadow of a doubt that he is My chosen man of the hour.

This foreign policy that the country has come up with to persecute My Son is one of the biggest shams in history.  All those who came against and are still coming against My chosen vessel will surely feel My wrath in the days ahead.  Nothing escapes My all-seeing eyes and I hear every word spoken either in the secret places behind closed doors or in the public arena.

I am judging those hypocrites and will continue to judge.  You are seeing one of the biggest shake ups in the Whitehouse in the history of the United States of America.  I have put up with this sham long enough and I have stepped My foot down and said enough is enough and there will be a strict aligning of My Word that goes forth to conquer on all sides.

From this moment forth the United States of America has been put on notice that Holiness shall invade this country and there will be a vast exodus back into My houses of worship and I shall restore order to My houses of worship right in the midst of the biggest storm to hit America shores.

I am, in reality, answering the prayers of the saints that have gone on before and those that are still here seeking My face.

Know this – I AM has stepped into the picture and you shall see the tide change and you shall see My hand at work all over this United States of America.