Prophetic word through Rev. Aaron Betz

My people, have you learned to really worship Me?

Have you learned to usher in your own calling in My Presence?

Are you running off course or are you walking the narrow path?

The answer to all of these is the worship of My Presence. Children turn away from the fear of man and back to your First Love and I will make all things new, but if you are not in your own unique posture of worship there is nothing I can do for you because you are outside of what I created you to be.

Learn to sing to Me. Learn to pray to Me and then learn to share Me. It must be in this order or else you will have many false steps. I use My people in their prayer closets after they are intimate with Me. Children I promise you that all of hell has been on assignment to steal your prayer lives but before they did that they (long ago) stole your worship life. Take it back. Use My Courts and fulfill the call I have on your life to first of all worship Me and then all other things that are in your book.