Prophecy through Rev Aaron Betz

Transgressions People- My people. They have been piling up lately. Degradation upon degradation gets broadcast from your impure motives.

This is a matter of the heart. It is a matter of woundedness, but moreso it is a matter of the will. If you would truly see what I am doing (in each circumstance that comes before your eyes) you would see the justice in it. You would see that I am indeed causing all things to work together for the collective and individual good.

But now, in your own understanding, how are you viewing things? Are wounds and rejections causing you to view things as a victim?

You must realize that the consequence for your disobedience is very real and you have to do your part in walking this thing out. At the same time you are reaping My good things.

Get before Me so that you know what is what, or else your own understanding will cause the waters of bitterness to make you even more impure and things will get worse before they ever get better.

I am simply asking for honesty. That is all.