Prophetic word through Rev. Christopher Gore from the Wednesday evening teaching A Season To Love

My Body is coming into one of the greatest seasons of all time, the Season to Love.

This season will be filled with the miraculous. Many signs, wonders, and miracles will take place, but they will come forth in unexpected ways.

My Body is looking for Me to move in one way, but I am coming in another way that they will not expect. They still think that I have to come in a certain way, form and fashion. They still don’t understand that I see everything that is done in the dark. I will expose it and bring it out for all to see.

I am doing this because I want My people to know that I care. I want My people to know that I am not limited by their religious rites and rituals.

I have always been motivated by love. I will carry out My plan of love and many will come to My footstool because of My love.

It’s about to become dangerous in a way but My grace will abound and be sufficient for many. Don’t ty to put Me in a box. I am all powerful and all knowing, and nothing will stop this next move that I am bringing about.

The coming wave of love will have many turn to Me with weeping and wailing. They will pour out their hearts and I will receive them, “Says the Lord.” They will come with great weepings and repentance from the very depths of their hearts.