Prophetic word from the Sunday evening teaching Spiritual Gifts

There is no distance in Me. I can see up close and also afar off. There is absolutely no distance in Me. I am just a whisper away or I am a shout of help away. I hear all things and I know all things.

I am a God of more than enough and I have supplied each and every one of your needs in My Word. I know of My plans for you, they are to help you not hinder you. I never hinder one step in My children’s walk with Me. I encourage, uplift and go the extra mile to make sure you {walk the walk} I have placed before your feet.

So, what is jamming you up? What is causing you to stumble and fall at every juncture in the road? Tell Me, if you can, why you cannot walk the walk? You {talk} the walk; but you do not walk it.

So many sit in My house with transgression in their hearts and they vow before Me that they will change, but it is always temporary change.

This is {take the bull by the horns time} and it is time to truly change the way you think and the way you act. It is time to be a true light of the Gospel of love and peace. It is time you get up and stay up and quit vacillating between two opinions.

It is time little ones for all things to come into fruition. In all reality it is way past time.

Look at all the things My Son Jesus accomplished while He walked this earth. He never compromised His walk. He was a constant example of how to walk out your salvation.

Look at His disciples. When they fell, they got back up again and proceeded on with their walk with Me. They knew ahead of time what they were asked to give up for the Kingdom of Light and they still walked out their salvation. Time after time they were persecuted for My name’s sake, but that did not stop them from completing their races. They were diligent in all that I sent them forth to do. They were forever going off to themselves and seeking My face over and over again for direction in their walk.

Church, that is where you fall short. You do not get alone with Me and seek My face for direction. You think man has the answers and they do not.

Take My yoke upon you, for it is light. Your yoke weighs you down and many completely fall under the weight of it. Whose yoke will you carry this night – Mine or yours?

If your answer was {Mine,} then {right now} lift up your hands and give Me your heavy burdens and then walk free from your yoke and pick up My yoke which has life abundant in it.

{Forever changed} is what I want to give you this night. I want to fall upon you and {give you the gift of being changed totally and completely,} never to go back into your past nor your old sin nature.

With this gift, comes {forever obedience} to all that I call you to do from this night forth. You will never desire the old things; but you will desire Heavenly downloads and you will win the lost at any cost.

Much damage has been done to the body of believers because the shepherds would not die out to the flesh. {Flesh begets flesh. Spirit begets spirit.} I have said in My Word that Spirit calls unto Spirit and I have been trying to get My peoples to walk in the Spirit and live in the Spirit – but to no avail.

Tonight, I want to drop {My mantle} upon you and cause you to walk in the spirit continually. {Stretch out your hands this night and receive this mantle.}

Good gifts – you see this is a brand-new year and I am giving good gifts to My disciples of The Cross.

I am giving the greatest gifts that will take you from victory to victory and you will bring many with you into complete victory. Surely the old is being stripped off of you tonight and brand-new gifts are being bestowed upon you. The gifts you had in 2019 were for 2019; but the gifts I have been bestowing upon you tonight are for this brand-new year 2020.

This is the year of {complete activation} of all things in the Heavenly realm. This is the year of {all promises coming to pass} and this is the year that you are crossing over into the {Greater Works.}

What you have been doing up to this point was preparing for this exciting cross over into 2020? I am that I am has been with you separating the wheat from the chaff. I have been pulling out all the chaff so that you would come forth as pure shining gold. There were times when you thought {Father is this ever going to end? Am I ever going to get it right?}

My answer to that is a resounding {Yes}.

{Right now, place your feet into the waters of total commitment to the calling I have upon your life.}

Go ahead, step into the living waters – no longer {walking toward} the waters – but right now {stepping into} the living waters of total redemption.

Freeze little ones – freeze right where you are and receive all that this living waters has for you. Let this living waters drown you and cause you to look at things differently than ever before.

Now that you have crossed over, there is absolutely no turning back. It is just forward motion, with Me your Father, at the helm of the ship and I will steer the ship from this moment on. Many in here tonight will look over their shoulder and say: Why didn’t you take me this way before now?

My lovely ones, you were {not} ready until now. You had to go through many shipwrecks before you could endure the storms that gross darkness is bringing across this land.

The shipwrecks you came through were preparing you to bring others across the troubled waters. I expect each and every one of you to be strong towers that others can run into because of your experiences on the {rough waters of life}.

Before you get all bent out of shape, let Me ask you this. If it were not for your troubled waters experiences, would you be a strong tower that others could run into, and would you be able to bring them across the Jordan into a land flowing with milk and honey? {An astounding no} is the correct answer.

Through all your troubled waters, I kept My promises to you and they were: {I will never leave nor forsake you.} I was always just a whisper away through all the pain and suffering. all that you lost – those things that you thought would completely devastate you – they were making you strong soldiers of The Cross that the enemy would never be able to consume.

Now! Right now! You are the strong towers and now I can open up the flood gates and send the lost and dying into your arms, knowing with all surety of heart that you will {not} lead them astray; but you will bring them cross Jordan and teach them of My ways.

It certainly is shouting {victory} time and all of Heaven is rejoicing with you as you are being sent forth to conquer on all sides.

Rejoice this night in Me and never for one instance allow the enemy of your soul to tell you that you are not mine.

You have passed this test just as you passed many other tests in your journey to this place.

You need to understand that you were in the school of the Holy Spirit – being taught the truths of My Kingdom. Just as in natural school, each time you finished a subject you were tested.

The same goes for the spiritual realm – each time I brought you forth to accomplish a works for Me, you were tested to see how you made out.

Some had to repeat the course, but eventually they made the grade and moved on.

You have moved on and now you are ready to go forth into the {Greater Works.} Great signs wonders and miracles. Stadiums full of lost souls that will receive Me and be trained {by you} to go forth to do the Greater Works also.

Congratulations all you who are here tonight. Go forth and bring in the lost!