Prophetic word from the Sunday evening teaching Everlasting Salvation

Why do you think I am a far-off God? I am right here beside each and every one of you. I am for you and not against you. In this dispensation of time, you must {recognize} this truth and hold onto it.

The tide has already turned and the river is flowing swiftly to bring all I have spoken of to come to pass.

This hour is a brilliant hour of the moving of My Holy Spirit.

My angelic host has already been disbursed all across this great nation and they are already about the Father’s business of bringing everything into fruition.

This is a dispensation of time that you must digest {all} of My Word and not just a piece here and a piece there – for all of My Word is being walked out at this given time.

Since when am I a far-off God? Haven’t I always been right here to lead guide and direct you? Haven’t I always sent you a message of encouragement even when you were at death’s door.

My lifeline is never ending and I am always throwing you My lifeline of hope and I expect you to do the same to your brothers and sisters; whether in the world or in the church.

You can feel the importance in what I am saying this night. I am asking each of you to not neglect your salvation – {why?} So you can bring in the harvest of souls.