There is much afoot at this given time and many are not aware of what is transpiring around about them. Many and I say many are going to stand in awe as all that I have spoken of starts to manifest. Many chose not to listen to My Words; while others would not believe what they were hearing. It no longer matters whether you listened or believed; for what I am about to do will cause all to stand up and take notice.

For some it will too late to enter into this time frame of the Heavenlies. For others they will understand what they have done; but will know it is too late to turn around.

We are now on the path of bringing in the Harvest. This harvest will bring much Joy and Laughter in My Houses of Refuge; simply because of the abundance of salvations.

My children when the souls start pouring into My Houses of Refuge; love them unconditionally and teach them of My Agape Love – that love that forgives unconditionally; that love that transcends all time and space; that love that endures through ALL!

This is the last great harvest before My Son returns for His Bride!