If you haven’t had a chance to read the article on Salt Lamps and how they are a portal to the demonic realm, we would like to suggest you to do so as it is a part of this article. The link to that article is: https://lighthousechurchinc.org/2018/12/28/salt-lamps/.

In the article about salt lamps we briefly talk about the use of essential oils. We brought out how oils are used throughout the Bible and had a sacred role within the temple. As we stated in the article: “Jesus Christ should always be the source of your healing and the focus on where the healing comes from.

This present article aims to express more about the fact that not all essential oils are Godly. We are also going to address lava rocks and how they are not okay to use with the essential oils.

There are different religions and people who use the essential oils for the enemy and to bypass what God created for good. There is an increase in the use of the essential oils especially with the lava rocks that witchcraft is being done that we need to be aware of. The darkness is getting darker and so with all things we have to be educated both spiritually and physically.

This does not make the use of essential oils bad or stop what they are good for and why God placed them here for our use. Unfortunately there are people who have chosen to use it incorrectly and have prayed evil or ungodly things upon them, or are using them to honor other gods that are not the God of the Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ, the son of God, and the Holy Spirit.

To protect yourself from participating or purchasing these oils please follow the following guidelines:

  1. What does the company promote and what is it founded on?
  2. What types of oils do they carry and the promises that they give in the use of them?
  3. Are they encouraging things such as yoga, chanting, chakras or anything of that nature?
  4. How are they suggesting to use them?
  5. Pray before you purchase them and also after you get them pray a blessing over them. If at any time you feel a conviction of the Holy Spirit against it… DO NOT USE IT.

These are things that you should look into with anything that you are going to be doing for your body, soul, or spirit.  The witches, wiccans, medicine men, shamans, and many other “healers” use the oils because there are natural benefits to them as God has created them. It is important to use common sense as well as to be listening to the Holy Spirit on what is ok and what is not ok.

Ask God to give you discernment in this area to see what is pure and what is not.

Another big fad that has come out that goes along with the essential oils is the lava rocks. These lava rocks are also known as Basalt. The lava rocks we have found out by doing deep research and by seeking God’s face are not ok and are also portals, openings, and can be used from the witches against you.

These lava rocks are believed to play a key role in the stone’s healing properties. People believe that the stone works well in stabilizing and anchoring the root chakra. When the root chakra is in sync with all other chakras they believe that you will begin to feel grounded, safe and secure. This is due to the stone’s strong connection with the Earth.

As you can see that people put their belief in the rock instead of the Rock of Jesus Christ. This is one of many deceptions that people walk under.

Lava rocks are heavily used by those who perform witchcraft and other ungodly things that have allowed certain legal rights to be attached to them. This gives the person in agreement with the spirits the legal right to attack you in the spirit realm.

We discourage the use of these lava rocks as well as the salt lamps based upon the revelation that God has shown as well as personal testimonies of those who have witnessed and experienced it.

Be at peace and know that God will keep you protected and safe and will speak to you regarding these issues as you allow Him to. Do not be afraid to use the oils, but instead make sure that you do the homework to find out where the oils come from so that you are more aware if they have been tainted.