So many are being tested in the love walk, but not many are succeeding. There is too much about self and not about lending a hand to help a brother or sister.

There is too much demand on My servants to do for those who are not serious with Me. There is no follow through to go along with it. This has become a distraction and drain and an assignment to pull them from the task at hand. All of My servants are to focus on the lost and dying that I have called to be brought into the Kingdom.

I have given those who have been in My house the weapons to use and now they must use those weapons and quit depending on another to do their fighting for them. I have sent My angelic host to aid in the battles and it is time that people follow the correct order of how My Kingdom works.

My children open your eyes to see that this is the time to be very discerning on what I want you to focus on at this time. This is a crucial time to love those who may be facing their final chance to receive My love.

I need willing vessels to give My love. Will you be one of those or will you be one that will stomp on the wounded when they are hurt and throw them out to the wolves? Will you give them My love or will you let them be another soul that hell will claim?

My heart bleeds and is crying out. Give Love. Love is all that is needed in this hour to see the miracles take place. My Love is what they need. My love will heal the hurt and bring them home. Will you be a vessel of love or a vessel of destruction?

Search your heart completely and be honest with yourself. Are you willing to love or are you just about what you can get from Me?