My children, eye has not seen nor ear heard all that I am about to bring forth upon this earth. I am birthing and springing forth the anointing and gifting inside of My chosen beloved that they thought were dead. They are not dead but have been in hibernation and slumber. It is time for them to be woken up and used in this season and hour that is upon you.

This is truly a time for great signs, miracles, and wonders for all those who can believe. Call upon the name of My Son Jesus and grasp the true understanding of the authority that His name has. Call upon the Power of His Blood and watch the enemy flee.

This is a time that minds will be restored and healed from the damage of the enemy. It is time to watch scattered minds become whole. The enemy has done much to destroy the minds and hearts. The keys and revelation that I am giving to those who will listen will break the yoke and set them free from the bondage and torment that they have become captive to. It is time to break the lies and set them free with My Truth.

Allow the gifting and anointing come forth and mature. This is the time that they are to be used. Do not hold back. Do not hesitate. Step into your identity in Me and let Me use your giftings and anointings how I see fit for My Kingdom.

Come alive in Me today. Let new life spring up inside of you and let the resurrection power raise up those things that have been in the winter months.

This is spring time. A time of new beginnings and so much beauty to be enjoyed as My promises come forth and new hope has bloomed.