Leaning to your own understanding has been a big downfall in My children in this hour. Assumption has caused the doors to deception and disillusionment to be wide open to give the enemy every legal right he needs to make camp in the minds of those who just will not give their 100% to Me.

How long will it take you to see that what I have told you is the TRUTH and I have not kept anything from you that you would need to know?

The lack of seeking My face for any answer you will need or already have been given, has been the reason that all the confusion, discouragement, and backsliding began and continues.

Why do you question Me and My motives when I have already given you every answer you will ever need in My Word?

I have given you every tool, every avenue to see the maximum success that could take place for My kingdom and for you to see your assignment that I have given you to completion. I have not set you up for failure. All that comes your way during life is a test, lesson, attack, or consequence. But if you are not seeking My face, you will not know which one it is.

You still do not trust Me and believe that I would sabotage My own Kingdom. As much as that does not make sense, neither does it make sense to question what I am asking you to do but to be obedient.

Let go of the prideful desire to understanding everything and to hesitate in what I have asked. Instead embrace what I have spoken; seek My face every day and I will lead you.

Does not My Word say that I am for you and not against you? Does it not say that I have given you My One and Only Son to die for you so that you can be saved? Then why would I ask you to do something and not be with you in it?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself because I already know the answer.

Why do you still not trust Me? Why do you still ponder on the things of this world and the world’s way of thinking on the outcome?

Instead focus upon Me and My Word and watch how drastically your life will change as you apply these truths and see that I am leading you straight into every promise I have given you. If only you would listen. If only you would see that My people suffer from lack of knowledge… that comes from My Word and seeking My face.

You could gather all the knowledge of this world and be a scholar, but if you are not seeking My face for the knowledge on what to do with what you have learned, what good is it going to do for you and will that get you back home with Me?

Ask yourself this question truthfully, what are you doing with the knowledge I have already given you? Are you sharing it and giving it unto others or are you harboring it and doing nothing with it? You can hold a seed and it will always be a seed, but if you plant that seed, it will be given the chance to grow, mature, and produce more seeds as it reaches a greater potential.

Chew on the food that I have given to you today and allow the truth to show you just where your heart is and then give Me those areas that are destroying you and watch how you will enter My peace and see that I really do have all of it under control and just waiting to hear you speak to Me.