I ask you this: whom do you serve? Do you serve self, man, material things, money, things that bring you pleasure, or do you serve Me and see that My Kingdom works is accomplished? The labors are few but the harvest must come in.

Seek your heart and ask yourself, who do you serve? Do not let your hearts be deceived or your eyes blinded to the truth. You need to be honest with yourself and allow your eyes to be opened to what you hold as an idol before Me.

If what you cherish the most is what I ask you to give up, would you? If you suffer a loss of these things, would you still serve Me, praise Me, and give your all to Me?

These are questions that I ask to reveal to you the truth of what is really number one in your heart. Put Me first and be about My Kingdom works. Seek My face and let Me search your heart and reveal to you the truth and let’s get things back the way they should be and all things will line up just as I said.

I love you and stand waiting with My arms wide open.