My children, right now is a very strategic time in your walk with Me. I need you to digest the food that I have brought to the table for you to eat. Do not take what I have given to you lightly but allow it to completely go into your heart.

I am giving very specific instructions right now and for you to completely line up you need to heed the Words that I am giving to you.

My Word and teachings are to be applied to your life and to see them as blueprints on how to keep moving forward and taking all power away from the enemy.

You must stay focused and not give the enemy not one inch of ground because this is the time that breakthrough and reconciliation is taking place. There are also ungodly separations taking place because I am removing all things that are not of Me out of your life so that I can mature you and grow you up to move into the place that I have ordained for you to be. This is where I am lining things up for My Will to take place.

You need to be obedient and stay still before Me and hear the Words that I speak. Search your hearts this day and allow My Word and teachings to become alive in you.

Where is your heart and whom does it seek?

To what intentions do you go about your day? Man’s approval will hold no weight but My Love will see you through all things. To what kingdom are you building and what fruit are you bearing? If your heart is not right, the food that has been given will not digest properly.

Humble your hearts before Me and allow Me to cut off the rotten fruit and prune you of the things of self and then enjoy the food that I have set before you.

My children there is so much more I want to give to you straight from My Throne of Grace. Do not dismiss what I have spoken to you but be obedient and see what doors I will open for you. Come to My table and see that what I have is all that you will ever need.