My healing power is here and there is much healing to take place in My Body of Believers. The issue is that there has been too many people who have blockages in their souls that they are not getting dealt with. They do a thing here and there expecting instant change, but there are times that instant change will not come.

Why? Because old habits will not die if I was to just take away the “perceived issue”. There are many of My children that are mad at Me and have allowed deception to stop them from seeing that and releasing it. They are always relying on their understanding and they must drop this. They are lacking from understanding because they have not yet completely given up their selfishness and entered into My presence.

There are greater roots to be dealt with in the soul. You have to get before Me and let Me really show you what is in your soul that is blocking your healing.

It could be the words you speak, it could be the ignoring of My unction and direction on what to eat and what not to eat. It is different with each person. The wounds in your soul blind you from seeing the real problem and focusing on what you think is the “change’ and give up instead of seeking My face on what is really going on.

For example: If you ate a healthy and nutritious dinner and then a huge piece of cake afterwards and then the next day you are not feeling well. You should not say that the whole dinner was the cause for you not feeling well. This will cause you to get rid of the good with the bad and leave you lacking what is good. It is about getting to the root that the cake was an over potion of what your body could handle. Do you see My children how this works?

It is no different then what you are doing in My kingdom. Instead of sticking to what I have asked you to do and work out the kinks with Me and learn to walk in My Spirit, you throw the whole plan away and you stay in the sight of your soul and move onto something else. This is not of Me. I did not start something that I did not finish. It may have taken longer than what man would of wanted it, but it always got done.

I have begun a healing works in those who truly believe. I have begun the great promises that I have spoken of. There are still areas that I want to reveal that is blocked, walled off, and need attention so that you can receive a complete healing. Wrap yourself in My ever-loving arms and see that I will heal you.

Let your soul be completely exposed to Me. Let Me have your soul completely. As you let your soul heal, you will watch your body line up and you will shout and dance the victory dance. You will then learn to walk in the Spirit or walk in it even deeper than you ever have before. Let go of all selfishness. Let go of all understanding – no matter how great or small. Let your wounds of life and hurt be healed. Let Me strengthen you and bring life.

Just receive the Truth and the Truth will bring the healings that you need. This is the time for My promises to be fulfilled and all of them are coming to pass just as I have spoken. Walk in your healing and choice to see how I am bringing all this to pass. Do not box Me in and do not demand that I do it a certain way. Leave Me free to do what is necessary and watch how all things will fall into place. Healing is yours to walk in.