The time of the reprobate has begun. The time of the curse of Pharaoh has begun. There are those who have hardened their hearts one too many times. The rebellion is stench to My nostrils.

I wooed. I pleaded. I corrected. I encouraged. I have done all that I could do to give them chance after chance but to no avail. Now with a heavy heart I have to leave them to their own devices and allow the deception to take them over. You will see that nothing but destruction will come from their hands. All they have will be temporary; and misery will follow them.

Do not retaliate against them but love them at all cost. This love is all that they will know until they are lost from this earth forever {until they pass away}. Only torment and gnashing of teeth is all they will know afterwards {in eternity}. If only you knew how much this breaks My heart. They just will not yield. They have used up every chance. I warned this time would come, but many did not believe and now it is too late.

So much collateral damage is taking place that did not need to be. So much innocent blood shed. So many hands are dripping in that blood. Do not judge those who are stuck in that place.

Look to Me to show you how to continue to be a light to others so that they do not use up their chances.

This is a time you must be very alert and wise. Reach out and grab My hand. Know that there are still souls to be saved and time is quickly ticking away.

It is time to reach out and save those souls that can still be saved. Do not let another day go by that you are not reaching out to the lost souls that are slipping away to the abyss. It is in My love that will rescue them from this great and horrible fate.

Give them Me. Give them My love and watch how the souls will be saved from the flames of the fire.