Many things are being birthed, transitioned, and moving forward. The labor pains are intense but are necessary as things are coming forth. Do not resent or despise the pains that are taking place but embrace them and praise through them.

There is so much going on in the Heavenlies that are about to take place on the Earth. Push through knowing that this is the now time for things to take place.

There are some of you that I am thrusting forward very quickly and have a stern hand on you because there is no time for dilly dallying. Be obedient in all things and do not turn your head to another but keep your eyes focused upon Me.

Do not keep asking questions as if you are still deciding whether or not you are going to be obedient. Children, this is the time that if you will not do it, I will find someone else to do. If it was something that I called only you to get done, then it will go undone and incompletion will rest on your hands.

I do not have time to wait around for you to get out of your rebellious, lazy attitude. I do not have time for the indecision. There is too much about to happen and I have spoken of this time and it is upon you.

You scream injustice but really you are wanting to collect and not follow through with what you have been asked to do. Some of you, I have moved to give you your heart’s desire even though it is not My Will but you would not relent and do what I asked so you will just miss out on My perfect will. It is that simple little ones.

Why are you complaining about what is going on around you. If things are tough I have told you to praise Me and watch how much easier going through it would be. If you stay focused on Me, the pain will not be so severe and it will be a much smoother transition. It is time to move forward and see that all that I spoke is coming to pass.