Resentment runs rampant in My Body of Believers and they must cast that thing aside; for it is taking them into the abyss.

Why, children of light, would you ever walk in resentment? Why would you ever look at a brother and sister and resent what I am doing with them?

This is a question you need to ask yourselves this day. Do you not understand that resentment is a big tool of the enemy to take you out? Do you not understand that the enemy cannot stand you and therefore he must use any tool in his arsenal to take you out and right now at this given time resentment is that tool.

Cast it off little ones and walk in the light of My Word and do not fall prey to the enemies tactics ever again.

You really have nothing to resent in your brother or sister. Have I not said: you each are unique and you each have your own individual callings? That was true when I said it and it is still true today.

RESENTMENT: A feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will