When and where are you ever going to believe Me church? I have spoken so many things in so many places of your lives; but still you are catering to the world around about you. If I were to place these events end to end; they would go around the globe. I have sacrificed My Son Jesus for you; but that too has not been enough.

I have now moved on and those of you who are still contemplating what you are going to do have missed this time and season and you will be among those gnashing their teeth at Me.

I could not hold back the tide of souls any longer. I had to move in My timing and I had to do the works that must be done in this dispensation of time. Many mantels have been taken from one and given to another; simply because you would not change; simply because you wanted your way and not mine. Well, you now have your way. See what your way brings you.

I have definitely moved on and My remnant has moved on with Me and we have already started the great exploits I have for so long foreordained.