Fear is one of My peoples greatest blockers in their walks with Me. They put more belief in their fears then they do in My love and what I have spoken. Because of this belief in the fear, the fear rules their lives, their actions, and all that they do. They lean to what their physical eyes see and will not allow the truth of the matter that this fear is blinding them from seeing the truth.

It is when they seek Me for the truth and then believe what I tell them that the blinders will fall off and they can overcome these fears.

What is holding them back is most of My people use this fear to continue in what is familiar to them or an excuse to continue to sin. This is not how I designed My children to live.

Get into My Word and see all the things that fear will keep you from. Walk out of fear today and walk in the belief of My love. My love will cast down all fear because My love will see you through all things.