A great shifting is taking place. A spirit of Revival is taking place in the hearts of people and new life is being birthed. There will be many that you will not recognize as this explosion is taking place. It is breaking up the foundations of the kingdom of darkness. Freedom after freedom is taking place and all will see My Glory manifest as yielding takes place.

Turn over your hearts and your minds to Me. Rejoice and praise Me for I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and all I want is what is best for My people.

It is time to be living in the fullness of the promise lands. It is time to see the giants and the enemy destroyed. Do not hold back what I am doing. Allow the cleansing and purifying to begin within.

Allow the belief of victory to take place and you will see that you will be like David and stand up to the enemy because you will know who your God is and will not allow the enemy to come against Me any longer.

Rise up My people in this hour. It is time to walk out your inheritance and see that I have made you a great nation. It is time to come together in unity and see that I have brought you together for such a time as this. I have made you a group of people who live in victory and triumph.

You will see many Caleb’s and Joshua’s rise up and lead the people into the goodness of Me. You will see many people rise up to carry the anointing of comfort like My son David did. A new sound of victory and rejoicing shall spread across the world. You will see My daughters rise up to be like My daughters Esther, Ruth, and Deborah and carry out their assignments that I have given them with a love that the world no longer believes exists.

Revival is burning in each of My temples. It is time to let the burning spark the atmosphere and let the change begin. Allow My Holy Spirit to rise up within and bring you to the place of a new life and drive out the forces of darkness and true healing of the soul begins.

Doubt cannot have any more part of your heart or your mind. You must at all cost get rid of your doubt and unbelief and walk in the assurance that I am who I say I am. You must believe in order to receive all that I have for you. You must believe that you have already conquered the enemy before you enter into the battle and that you have the victory.

The enemy can only defeat you if you allow him to do so. Take back what is yours. Walk into the fullness of all that I have promised. It is time to see your prophetic Words come to pass.

Let this Revival of your soul destroy the doubt and walk in complete freedom. This is a new day. This is a great day to be alive. This is a great day to see that the enemy is defeated and done. Take back the lands and see My Glory shine and an unrecognizable change already has begun. All you have to do is yield to Me and listen to My instructions just as My servants of old have done.

Do not walk around defeated, down trodden anymore. You are no longer bound but free because My Son already paid the price. All you have to do is believe, go and sin no more, and be the fishers of men that I have call you forth to be. The nets are ready all you have to do is gather them in.