Front and center. That is where I want your eyes upon. Do not look to the left nor to the right but straight ahead. The enemy is roaring and pacing to see who he can distract, devour, and destroy.

Your focus has been upon yourself and you have complained, bucked, and resisted Me on many sides, yet you still want Me to move. I said enough.

Now is the time to be about the souls and bringing in the lost sheep. Now is the time to spread My News across the nations and share all that I have done for you. Why do you act like I have beaten you into submission and have held you against your will? Why do you treat Me that I am the enemy, the evil, harsh taskmaster, and drive you as a slave? You have refused My Love. You look at all the things that you think I should do, yet you do not see the things that My Angelic Hosts save you from each and every day. Children, you must get out of your rebellious and selfish nature.

I am the God of Love and want only what is best for My children. When you are bucking against Me, you are bucking at what is best for you. Let go of your flesh it is killing you. Quit your belly aching and see all the goodness that is around you.

This is a season of great joy and full of love and peace. This is a season that I want to bring many great miracles. Now is the time to bring healing to the land.

I did not call one person to single handedly bring forth what I have spoken. I have called My Body to work together and to let go of your own way of thinking. Quit trying to make others do things your way and let My Will be done.

Cast pride far from you and see that pride will blind you to what I have called you forth to do. Pride will keep you going down side roads and hiding in rabbit holes. Do not get caught into the web. It will not be man’s hands that will be able to say that they alone have brought forth My promises. But all will see that I am the Lord, God Almighty and that My Words are Yes and Amen.

You will be stunned at how I will bring forth the promises that I have spoken. It will be through hearts of humility and of meekness that will receive what I am pouring out. It will be from love and grace and not for acknowledgement and recognition. It will only be about showing others who I am and what I am about. It will be about bringing the Love of My Son to a broken and lost world.

Oh My children, look past all this bickering and resentment. Let go of your consistent anger and begrudging. Let go of your desires of the flesh and see that all of this will keep you from what I have for you.

This is a time of great rejoicing. This is a time to walk in the peace that My Son gives. This is the time to pick up the sword and cut off the enemy’s head and see that he is under your feet and you have a works to do for My Kingdom that will be of constant love, harmony, and laughter no matter what is going on around you. Just let it all go and you will see that I do have all this under control and all things shall work out just as I said.

Let go of your unbelief and false sense of control. Place it in My hands and let it be. If you would just persist in Praising Me, Loving as My Word tells you to Love, and put your all into what I have given you to do, the rewards would completely amaze you. Do not dismiss the little things, but see that there is so much more than your eyes see.

See today in a new light. See today as an opportunity to give to others what I have already given to you and watch how lives will be changed, simply because you have yielded and just gave them Me.