Hear the Bells of Christmas Play throughout this land. But is there true Joy in those bells? Are My people just hustling and bustling along with no thought of who My Son really is? I tell you a truth; they shall know who He is before the great and mighty calling away.

This world knows not how to praise My Son. They speak about Him; but they do not know him. They put up signs that read: JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON; but they really do not even know what that means.

This season of celebration, I want all My children to learn who My Son is and what He truly did for them on the cross and after the cross. Children your salvation is complete in Him and only Him. It is My Son that should be getting the spot light during this great season of Joy Unspeakable and full of Glory.

I want My children to enjoy this season… I want them to understand the true Joy of giving and living in this world; but not be of this world. When My Children come to grips with this fact; they will truly HAVE JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY.

I love this time of year. I love to watch the faces of the children on Christmas Day as they gather around the tree and unwrap their presents. You know My Son was a present on that joyful night in Bethlehem. He was a present that would last forever; never give out; but continually giving very freely of His Love for Mankind.

Take a moment right now and thank My Son Jesus for all He has given you. He has given you the perfect gift; THE CROSS!