Weary and worn out! That is what I see when I look down through the portals of heaven. I see My saints weary and worn out from all the battles they have been fighting. This is the very reason that I have been telling you to enter into My rest and if you do not do that real soon; the enemy will take you out.

The battles have been un-ceasing and sometimes hard to conquer. It is at that given time that I say come and enter into My Rest. Come and enter into My peace. Come and take My yoke upon you, for it is light.

My little ones, I never ask you to fight more battles than you can bear. You are precious to Me and you are doing a great works for Me, but you must enter into My Rest and allow Me to refresh and restore all that the palmer and canker worm has stolen.

I told you it was party time. I am pulling you in off of the battle fields so you can relax and enjoy a bit of new fresh air. There is no soldier that does not have to come in off the battle field at some time or the other.

Come away My Beloved ones. Come into My Third Heaven and sup with your Father. I promise you total and complete rest as you do.