Where are the leaders that will lead this company of New Beginners that are eager to preach My Message to the lost and dying? You cannot lead if you yourself do not follow. My people are caught between two twixs… they want to be the one to lead… but they do not know Me in an intimate way and therefore are not candidates for leadership.

So much pride in the Body of Christ! Everyone vying for the top of the ladder and they don’t even understand the first step of the ladder. They are encouraging themselves in themselves and are walking under complete deception.

When will this ever end? When will the sin in the Body cease? The Body thinks they can continue on their evil ways and still be blessed… that is not so. I have spoken and so shall it be.

Even as we speak, mantels are being removed because of sin and disobedience. I can and I will raise up a Body of Believers that will shun all manner of evil and walk totally and completely under the shadow of the Almighty.

I warned of this day and now this day is here. I warned that there would be gnashing of teeth and now that day is here. I warned that I would give your mantels to another and that day is here.

It matters not what you think, I have been wooing and wooing and wooing and you thought you had forever to come under the covering of the Cherubim wing; but not so. I did not spring this on you unawares.

A chapter in the Body has closed and a new chapter is already being written. I have given new wine skins to those that surrendered all to Me and now I am ready to pour new wine into those precious skins. The new wine of My Glory shall invade their temples and a new release of Kingdom authority will be seen by all.