Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

Fatigue. Fatigue is setting in little ones. You are being lead astray by the tactics (of the enemy) and letting your soul be vexed. Do not allow contamination- I am here- a presence waiting to happen that will overflow upon My Beloved ones. Soon you will get it, you will get what I have been doing with your lives. Oh little ones, how I sit back and snicker because I know what’s about to happen. The darkness is getting gross- but the Light- the splendid Light. You are going to see that you have been Light. You are going to realize that you have been fought because the enemy is so afraid of you- because it’s not that you will be shining a Light- it’s that I am transforming My children into My essence bearers. You will become My Light, and you will so shine and broadcast clear direction in the chaos. Don’t be tempted to get lax- keep coming. This is a testing ground that is going to prove very fruitful- come little ones, upward , onward and allow Me to invest My character into you.