Gathering of the clan is on the way. There will be many onlookers in the days ahead. Many will gather and stare and be in utter perplexity as they see what I am about to do. I am going to raise the eyebrows of the naysayers and I am going to surprise the multitudes that would not believe My Word was yes and amen. I am about to unleash all of heaven upon this land and there will be great gnashing of teeth and many will run to and fro and many will still deny My Name; but that does not annul My Word.

Stand back and watch what is about to happen upon this earth. Make sure you are connected to the vine and do not go wandering off at any time; for you do not know the time that I am going to make this display of My Power saith the Lord.

Perplexity: Trouble or confusion resulting from complexity.