I am taking My people in a new season and deeper level in My Heavenly realms of those who truly are seeking all of Me. I am going to reveal a lot in this hour of My Courts and bring a new understanding on how to utilize them properly and gain the correct results.

The case that has been before My face involving My church has finished in session. The gavel has come down in My Courts. The council has made their choice and decision. The judgment has been made. Justice will be served for those who have diligently gave Me their all and have looked to Me in the face where everything around them has fallen apart.

My fire – My all-consuming fire is coming down and igniting the hard hearts of stone of those that they have brought before Me. It will be a turning point on which path will they choose. Will they allow their heart to be softened by the fire or to remain hardened and then be turned over to a reprobate mind? The decision of which verdict they will receive is in their court. Time is too short and there is much to be done.

There are many in this season testing Me. And they are going to find out that I am an all-consuming fire. They will feel the burn if they do not turn from their evil ways.