My children, you must let go of your rebellion for it is hardening your heart. Your heart is becoming plagued with desires of wickedness and the world.

You are becoming numb to My ways and ignoring My calling. I am reaching out to you to turn your rebellious heart back to Me and turn from your sinful ways. I do not want to see any of you be caught up in the judgment of the world. But if you do not heed My voice you will.

My children why are you running from My love? Why are running from My arms of protection? Is your sinful ways worth the price? Count the cost and allow your heart to see the deadly price.

Come back to Me, My wayward children. Run into My loving arms before it is too late.

Some of you are wanting to wait for a death bed repentance – a final call – a final chance. You are NOT guaranteed that chance.

Come to Me now and yield all of yourself to Me. Make the final decision to love Me and be done with sin. It really is as simple as making a choice.

Be free of sin. It is time to become obedient children and run into My arms and be completely saved or be lost in the world caught in its judgment. The choice is yours.