My children, RESTORATION is the word of the hour. I am restoring and I am rebuilding.

RELEASE – Release to Me all your old. Release to ME all your baggage and toxic emotions that is killing you. Release to ME all the devastation and pain that is festering inside. Release to Me and make room for the restoration and repair that I desire to do inside of you.

REPAIR- I want to repair your heart, your mind, and your soul. As you release all that is weighing you down and stopping you, I will repair the damage and restore to you all that has been stolen.

RECEIVE – This is the time to receive. Do not allow the enemy to talk you out of what I have in store for you. Make room and receive.

This is true restoration time. This is the time to get excited and see that all things are becoming new and the old will be gone. Growth and depth will be the results of this restoration.

Grasp and embrace what I am doing in your life. You will not be let down in what I am doing in your life. Rejoice and be merry. Know that I am your God, your Father and all shall be well in your soul and your life.

Miracles upon miracles – impossible miraculous things are taking place – Receive and see that the life I have before you is good.

Come sit at My table. Feast as the restoration is taking place. As you receive and digest what I am giving you – your sight will be increased. You will see just what is going on in the spirit realm and exactly what is taking place.

Testimony upon testimony is going to bring My little lost lambs. You will be a testimony with all that I am about to explode into your life.

Hold on to the promises and let go of the old. Restoration is here.