Winds of My Glory is sweeping in and moving upon My people to be absorbed and then released. Have you become a conduit of My Glory or have you become a follower of another voice?

So many of My people are listening to the boisterous voice of self and of the enemy, but are not getting in tune to My still small voice. Many of you are being pulled this way and that way because of your desire for the now and the instant and not sitting in My presence and allowing the complete work to be done. You have become reliant upon your own understanding and desiring to understand instead of just trusting Me.

Let go of your interpretation of My Words and just receive what I am telling you and watch how it will all fall into place. I have everything worked out if you would just give Me the wheel and let Me have the reigns in your life. All you have to do is be about My business and do what I have been teaching you to do.

I am the great I am and I am the author and finisher of your life. I will not force Myself upon you. I have and will speak of the things that I desire to do and of My will. It is up to you to be obedient or miss out.

Do not be like the Israelite children in the wilderness and miss out on the Promise land. Do not be one to cross the river but only come to the border of the promise land. I want you to enter the lands and see that it truly does flow with milk and honey.

I am protecting you from the giants of the land and you will see that breakthrough upon breakthrough is taking place. Miracles upon miracles are coming forth. Victory upon victory is being won. Those who are faithful, true, and embracing My promises and have pressed in with true faith and endurance shall receive. Those who have held on and did not give up shall see that I have not turned My back but freedom is theirs and impossible comebacks are about to take place.

The prodigals are returning home and the sinners will come and give their whole hearts to Me. Those who have walked with Me and stood their ground and did not give up will see these impossible tasks because they choose not to embrace Me to understand, but have embraced Me simply because they believe and have chosen to receive My love.

Give up your understanding and desire to understand and choose today to just believe that I am all that I say I am and that I will hold nothing back from those who truly receive My love.