This is a word for the nations. Oh how the Mighty are Fallen, fallen. They have rejected My Word and they have rejected the works of the Holy Spirit and they do not realize they are lost and undone.

Some are running around looking for the truth and the truth is right in My Word and if they would set still long enough, I would tell them where to go to sit under My Holy Spirit anointing and receive from Me the truth of My Word.

This generation church is spoiled with misunderstanding the faith message My servants brought forth. They are walking under the delusion that they can live however they wish and still get everything they want and ask for. Not so!

Love, faith, Holiness, righteous living are at the top of the list and then you ask. But not this generation; they want all things right now without change. Compromise runs rampant in this body of believers.

But I am pulling forth the lost and dying and they will be seated in Heavenly Places with Me and they shall ask and receive.

A token of My love has been poured out on this upcoming generation and they are going to feel the full effects of it and they will grasp hold of it and they shall receive all things into their bosom.

Good-bye to the past generation and hello to the new generation that will take the nations by storm and the enemy will flee and My churches will prosper in Me and grow.

2 Samuel 1:27 (NKJV)
“How the mighty have fallen, And the weapons of war perished!”