My children, do not forsake or abandon the call I have placed upon your life. Do not lean to your own understanding, but take each step by complete faith and trust in Me that I have you and I will not let you go.

You are My children, and I love you with an everlasting love. My love is unconditional and will not waiver.

The storms around you are raging, but I am right here with you to guide you to the still waters. Do not look at the winds or listen to the rage of the storm. Keep your eyes steadfast upon Me and see that I will not let the storms swallow you up.

Hold onto Me with all you have. Drop all your preconcieved ideas and just trust Me.

If you could only see what is ahead, how you would rejoice. There are so many new things about to happen and many great promises are coming forth.

Hold on, My children. Hold on and do not let go. Trust in My love. Trust in who I am. I am the author and finisher of your life. I am that I am and eye has not seen or ear heard all that I am about to do. Now is not the time to think about letting go but to be all the more determined to hold on.

I love you, My children. I love you!