This is a prophetic Word by Rev. Aaron Betz:

Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Freedom is indeed what was meant in this nation when it was first started and this freedom I am bringing back. The enemy and his camp has made large headway in this great country – well, once great. But indeed I am bringing my rain clouds of Vigor and Truth and this will be an expedient process of which I will be revealing the inner workings of the kingdom of darkness and what the devil has done to bring ruin to the American way.

But, who laughs last, laughs greatest. I have many laughing sessions coming, but this next one will be the final laugh in this country to where the devil has distorted My believers. He has made them think they are safe when they are not. He has caused them to be in pretty white picket fenced lies. Well, I am pulling the skirts up of My church and all false teaching will be exposed for what they are; fictional and based on what man wants to hear.

No longer. No longer will convenient parts of my Word be left out. No longer will context not rest upon My words. For I am bringing the spirit of truth and of understanding to the forefront and all will know who the Lord God is. I am not letting debate come to my church; for I am ending debate. This is a time of chastity. All infidelity will be exposed. Those who did so willingly will pay the price, those that have been deceived will be allowed to search for and quickly find the truth.

The end time church is going to put an end to the blasphemers. It will put an end to those that say they are of me but are of selfish gain. The lies about homosexuality will be brought to the forefront and the land will know that when they make covenant with the devil, the devil is their god.

I am searching the hearts right now to see who is willing to pay the price for me. Who is willing to let Me have My way. I am bringing up truth speakers, and this truth will be a fire that will divide soul from spirit and bone from marrow. For it will separate the wheat from the chaff and it will allow My wind to blow away the dross.

Do not be tempted to backslide; for there is no more time for this. Do not be tempted to go back to square one in order to remove yourself from responsibility. Square one has already been crossed, we are on to square 2 and then on to 3. No longer linger in the past. No longer be comfortable with what you used to have, what your past tells you that you want or what you expect out of life. Only be content with me and Who I say that I am and when you find out who I really am, you will see who you really are.