Why do you perceive that your promises are so far away? Do not lose hope. Do not be weary by the circumstances and situations around about you. Do not look at what the enemy has before your face. Look to what I have said and what I am doing.

I have said this is the year of great blessings and all promises are coming to pass. I have said that I am moving in ways that man cannot understand or will not be able to imagine. Miracle upon miracle is taking place. The question is do you believe it?

There has been so much doubt, unbelief, and self that has clouded the minds of My children. Allow your mind to be renewed and steadfast upon Me. Let all your hope and excitement be restored on what I am doing with and for My children and those who are being brought into the fold.

My heart weeps on the loads of souls that are slipping away in spiritual death because there has been a lack of focus and lack of true servant hood. Do not be found guilty of letting the souls die. Be a life giver of Me. Show people who I am by the way you live, the way you talk, and the way you love. Show the people I am who I say I am because you believe it. Faith is how you come to Me. Where is your faith My little ones?

When you refocus and allow Me to rise up in you, then you will see that doubt, unbelief, and self cannot stay. When you redirect your focus back on Me, you will know that all your promises will come in the perfect timing and all will know that I am God and I do keep to My Word. When your focus is directed upon Me, you will hear My voice and follow it and miracles will take place for the lost and dying and they will come to Me.

I love you, My children. Now if you love Me, feed the souls and bring My resurrection power to them and watch them become alive in Me.