Praise Me in all things. If you cannot praise Me in the good times and you cannot praise Me in the bad times, when are you going to praise Me? You come to Me about this and that, ask Me things that are based upon only what your eyes see, but I have so much more to show you.

Praising Me comes from your heart. Many people’s hearts are blocked due to a religious spirit that is dictating every move and response including in their relationship with Me. Let go of the chains of the religious mindsets, habits, and patterns and let Me be free to work in all areas of your life.

My praises brings freedom from your own thoughts, concerns, and things that weigh you down. Your burdens are heavy because you are not praising Me. Instead, many of you are fussing with Me and bucking against Me because you do not like the burning that is taking place. But you have asked for the burning of self and of things not of Me to take place, yet you continue to fuss.

My children, when are you going to get it? When are you going to see that I am doing all this refinery and sanding out all the rough patches so that you can shine with My Glory and that all will be able to see that you are My child?

Praise Me as you go through this. Praise Me in all seasons and watch what will transpire.

Let the religious walls fall and just let your love come forth and meet My love and it will truly change your life. Let the burdens fall and the praises rise and your hands be lifted high in complete surrender of My love. When you do this nothing else will matter because you will know that I am yours and you are Mine, just as it should be.