We want to welcome you to the follow up of the Conquer Series – continuing in your freedom from perversion; beginning Monday July 17 and every other Monday following, until September 11. We will expound upon what was previously taught in the original Conquer Series.

In these teachings we will review exactly how bondage begins: in the MIND. What started out as a moral problem has developed into a brain problem, and requires a continued strategy of restoration.

These meetings will consist of teachings and ministering to examine exactly how bondage takes place, how it affects a person and the people around them, and what can be done to retain total freedom and victory over the enemy.

We must learn how to stay free and be strong in the face of utter darkness that is encroaching all across the land – God desires warriors, men and women with purity to rise up and bring the lost and dying into His Kingdom.

There will be group ministering to teach and reinforce strategies to be set free and REMAIN free from all lusts, perversions and pornography. Come now and be equipped to stand strong in the face of gross perversion that is coming across the land; be a light and a strong tower that others can run into!