Greetings Lighthouse Members,

What an amazing week we’ve had here at the Lighthouse. God is moving strong on behalf of those who are in bondage and seeking deliverance and freedom.

We saw the power of God manifest through one of the team members as he shouted, “Dry bones come ALIVE!” and laid hands on his abdomen – and literally, instantly, the spirits jumped out of the man. What is most amazing is that he LEVITATED right out of the chair before our very eyes before landing on the floor. Totally supernatural, totally amazing, totally JESUS.

The power of God is manifesting and coming through to meet and overpower the enemy’s kingdom of darkness and the demonic spirits that inhabit the people.

People have been delivered from smoking, healed from drug usage, having their hearts and souls restored and healed in the deepest parts. Severe witchcraft demons from ancestral power strongholds are being ejected from the oppressed children of God by the power of Jesus!

Tonight, an amazing display of the love of Jesus. A young man came to us totally trapped and locked into the bondage of self-hate. Low self esteem, living in a mistaken identity of shame and worthlessness… but God is faithful. We led him through repentance of speaking negative curse words over himself to get him right with God.

After this, I put my hand on his shoulder and began to explain that God truly does forgive him and now he’s in a position to move forward – when suddenly the Holy Spirit hit me and totally took me over. Uncontrollable weeping, waves of love and compassion flooded every part of my being.

God spoke a prophetic Word over him, one of deep love and compassion. In that moment I felt God’s heart, as though God wanted to scoop him up and coddle him, protect him, nurture him back to health – no matter what sins he had committed, no matter how dark things were and no matter how deep the enemy thought he had him in the hole… none of it mattered compared to the Almighty love of Jesus.

I embraced him, the love of God poured through me and broke every stronghold of Satan and every band, chain, shackle and prison door BROKE because of the anointing.

Do you see what happened here, saints? This wasn’t me… this was God manifesting himself to a wounded precious one, pouring out His love and lavishing His grace upon His child. It was God’s love that broke through, it was God’s anointing that destroyed the yoke. All those layers of condemnation and self-loathing were broken by the power of love that never fails. God spoke personally to him as though He was sitting right next to him, comforting him and giving him hope and a future. How good is our God?

After he did this, we were led by the Holy Spirit to have him look into the mirror and speak to his inner self, the real core of who God made him to be, the one locked up in bondage and oppression. He spoke loving words over his real, inner self, telling him how special he is and how worthy he is. The young man broke down and wept bitterly, uncontrollable tears of freedom and liberation. God took that pain, that torment, healed those broken pieces by the power of His Spirit! After this, the man forgave himself for anything he had done wrong, released himself from bondage and captivity – and when that peace came upon him, every legal right the enemy had to his identity was shattered.

Demons stood no chance, had no hope, and fled IMMEDIATELY upon the arrival of Jesus to this precious man of God.

Please do not let the fire of your compassion grow dim. Those who are in bondage need desperate help, and God wants to use our vessels to accomplish His works… but God can’t use those who don’t walk in love and have compassion for the lost and dying. I was in this boat myself, and God taught me a valuable lesson – never forget from whence you came. Freely we have received, freely give to others. God is faithful and just – and His grace is sufficient.

Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Church Inc. Deliverance Team


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