My children, you have been asking for My glory to come forth. I am telling you today, it is here. It is time to walk in it. I have been showing you pieces of My glory a little at a time. I have shown you what My glory can do. The problem is you do not let it last long and take full root of it and what it has done for you in your life.

It is in My glory light that you can be completely delivered from the enemy. It is My glory light that the darkness will have to flee from you and around you. It is in My glory that you will be able to come higher in Me and do the things that I have asked you to do. As you do these things and set out on your assignments, you will find that My glory light will become stronger, brighter, and more powerful inside of you.

As you seek Me and allow the Holy Spirit to become a main part of your life, you will notice My glory is present with you. As you feed wood to a fire to keep it lit and burning, so should you feed the glory light that I am placing inside of you. You do this by following my instructions. You do this by seeking My face and allowing the Holy Spirit to continue to strengthen the glory light that is burning inside of you. You feed the glory light inside of you by knowing My word and allowing it to become a part of your life.

As your glory light takes place inside of you, you can then allow the glory light to be shown outside of you. People will see My glory light glowing inside of you in your actions, through your words, and in how you follow Me. Your life should emulate My light and what I have done for you. As the glory light shines out of you and you move into the things that I have called you to do, always make sure that you do not take the credit for the glory yourself. Always make sure that you give Me all the glory, for it is through Me that you are going to be able to do the things I will use you to do. It is through Me that the souls will be saved and make it into My kingdom. All I need is you to be the willing vessel to carry out the things that I want to do and to carry My glory light. Always remember it was through My grace, My son’s life, and through My and My son’s glory that you are saved.
Do not let your glory light fade out of your life or become tainted by selfish thoughts and actions. Do not allow the enemy to steal your light or to starve it and cause it to go out. Make sure that you always feed your light in Me. Make sure that your life is shining for Me and all will see Me through you.

Today, I want you to seek the glory light that I want you to carry. I want you to allow it to be a part of you. Be a glory light carrier today and from now on. Do not let this just be a fix to get pass all the torment and problems. Let it be a permanent thing in your life. There is not one of you who have not been called to be a glory light carrier for Me. Walk in this today and let your life and light shine for Me.