To: Evangelist Barbara Lynch
Date: December 14, 2013; 8:13 pm

The injustice that is coming upon this land is exactly that; total injustice against My saints. This is not the time to be wavering back and forth; this is the time to go full throttle ahead and conquer the enemy on every side. This is the time to push past all the injustice and move into My Everlasting Arms where you will be safe and secure from all harm that the enemy is placing in the paths of My Chosen Ones.

Be firm in your yes and be firm in your no. Know that I am the Lord thy God and I do not fail My Children. Stand fast in your convictions and do not falter.

The Waters are moving rapidly and the Rain is ascending and The Storm Clouds are everywhere. The only place of complete refuge is in Me. Come into the Pavilion of Perfect Peace and be still and stand in Perfect Peace until the storms pass; for there shall surely be more than one storm and each one is positioned to take out My Chosen Ones.

Truth stands at the door. Allow Truth to come in and allow Truth to prevail at all cost. Truth belongs to the Chosen Ones and they shall use the Truth to set the captives free.