To: Evangelist Barbara Lynch
Date: December 12, 2013; 12:47 pm

Father, what is going on?

The atmosphere is heavy little one with the anticipation of both good and evil. Evil is on all out assault against My church and he will prevail if My people do not take their stand for what is truth and what is real. My people must assault the kingdom of darkness with everything they have; or the enemy will prevail.

Much anticipation in the Heavenly real of what is about to occur when My Glory Drop occurs in all its fullness. My angelic host will be busy with saints doing the great signs, wonders and miracles that will come upon this land. My Son’s name shall be upheld and all shall see that He surely was the Son of The Most High God.

Nothing, absolutely nothing shall stop this Mighty Move of Mine. All heaven and all hell has been waiting for this end time display of power.

The enemy is going to display his power; but My Power shall always prevail.

My saints must not become faint hearted at this given time. What the enemy is displaying is his last bit of power; there is nothing else he has to pull on. Yes, it will be rough and yes, it will take out many lives; but in the ultimate end; it will be My Power that prevails in this end time war.

Light and Darkness will finally collide and then all shall see who the true and living God is. Some will rejoice; while others will wail and gnash their teeth; because they bought into the lie of the enemy and now they know there is no turning back.

This hour is crucial and prevalent. Take a stand for righteousness and then STAND!