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Are You Still Teachable?


Find out if you have become unteachable. As you listen and watch this teaching, ask yourself: Do I love my enemies? Do I do good and pray for those who hate me? When my enemy is hungry, do I feed him and give him water? Do I pray for my leaders or judge and criticize […]

Have You Become Unteachable?


God’s people are not repenting because they are blinded by excuses. Is there something that is just not right in your life? Does something feel off spiritually and you can’t put your finger on it? Listen to this message and allow God to show you any blinders that the enemy has put over your heart […]

The Difference Made By Relationships


In this teaching, Rev. Christopher Gore talks about how God uses godly relationships to mature us. Further in this teaching, conditions of the heart are exposed that would cause people to reject the learning process behind these relationships and remain unteachable.